🩻 About Me 

Currently residing in CA, (Landon's Dead) is the self proclaimed handle of the SoundCloud superstar who was born  Landon Bissett. Landon is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and internet personality. Dude is easily a talented multi-genre artist, able to comfortably skate through hardcore rap, and metal flavors with much ease. Steadily progressing in his moves, subtly making greatness along the way. His single “I Know the Way” is a definitive first standout from Lvndxnisdevd, and has gained potential to be a phenomenal artist in general while maintaining his special sauce. Moreover, on his rise to internet fame Lvndxnisdevd is an enigma. He seems to have been around forever – and he has, considering track releases can be traced to 12 years back – but every time he puts out a new release, it’s as though you’re hearing him for the first time. Amidst worldly despairing haze, Lvndxnisdevd delivers added emotionality, without falling into too much melodrama, he keeps his understated charm while his songs reach into an organic cauldron of melodic melodies, skittering hi-hats and sensation as it croons his narrative through a sonic shimmer of ash-choked words with heartfelt authenticity. With collaborations with names like Baby Goth, Fenix Flexin and Travis Barker. On the surface he's propounding with sentiments textured with ear-warming audio elements. Lvndxnisdevd’s strength lies in his nuanced understanding of the song’s aesthetic. and his willingness to take risks.